The Standard SeaQualizer 50-100-150ft

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The Standard SeaQualizer is our original device.  It has three depth settings (50-100-150) to choose from.  This device is ideal for fishing in up to 300ft of water for most effective releases.  As a rule of thumb fish should be released from between 1/3 to 1/2 the depth at which they are caught.  So if you are fishing between 60-300 feet, this is the device for you.

11 Reviews

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    Helps fish survive

    Posted by DougH on Nov 24th 2019

    After delivery I tested the function of the unit. Very easy to set up the depth for release and also easy to manipulate the jaws. All bottom fishermen should own this or comparable product to help protect our resources.

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    Almost Perfect

    Posted by Dan on Aug 15th 2019

    I bought the Seaqualizer two years ago and have been using it for two summer’s worth of recreational fishing (cod and pollock mostly). I use it to release small cod and pollock as well as bycatch (small sculpin, sea ravin, and cunner). I use it from a sea kayak in 100-200 feet of water off Nova Scotia.

    My overall impression and experience has been strongly positive. The Seaqualizer is simple, works as intended, and is almost perfect. I use fairly large jigs in an attempt to only hook fish that are big enough to be desirable but there are always a few ambitious little ones that bite anyway. On any given day on the water I typically release 2-6 small fish of various species. Over the past two summers I’ve likely released about 30 little fish with the Seaqualizer.

    The Seaqualizer is an excellent invention that comes close to perfection but here’s a few suggestions for improvement:

    -I was concerned that the tips of the claspers might be sharp enough to damage a fish’s mouth so I round the tips of the claspers just slightly. It did make the metal points more gentle but it also resulted in a slight increase of the gap between the claspers when they are closed. Normally it still works fine and is easier on the fish, but on at least one occasion a very small fish slipped out of the claspers prematurely due to the increased gap. It would be nice if the claspers came from the manufacturer just a little less pointy.

    -It would be nice if the whole device could be made a little smaller to save space on my kayak and in my kit.

    -It would be nice if it was less expensive in order to encourage more widespread adoption and use, especially in fisheries where such devices aren’t mandatory but are still beneficial to the fish. My fishing partner likes the idea of the Seaqualizer but has been reluctant to buy one himself due to the expense.

    Overall, I highly recommend the Seaqualizer for anybody who fishes deep water and wants to release fish in a responsible, ethical, and sustainable manner.

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    Posted by brad bloom on Jun 3rd 2019

    the seaqualizer worked as advertised did not see any fish come back to the surface

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    Worked great on giant red snapper

    Posted by TheLungMD on Mar 13th 2019

    We caught a few out of season giant snapper while bottom fishing in 200 feet. This device worked perfectly to return them to 100 feet. Easy to attach with long line clip and easy to get the jaw clamp on. We did still have to vent a few of them even with 20 oz of lead weight, so don't forget to keep a needle decompression tool handy as well. And remember where to stick them.