The SeaQualizer

The SeaQualizer is an innovative release tool designed to help fish recover from the effects of barotrauma. Barotrauma results from bringing a fish up from depth too quickly preventing it from releasing air from its air bladder quick enough as pressure on it is decreased. This causes the air bladder to expand beyond its normal size.
Physical effects of barotrauma include: floating at the surface, stomachs protruding out of the fish’s mouth, bulging eyes, flared gills and inflated body cavities.

The SeaQualizer is a pressure activated release tool that attaches to a fishing rod or retrieval line and releases the barotrauma stricken fish at a predetermined depth set on the SeaQualizer. Each Saltwater model has three depth settings to choose from. 30-50-70ft for the Shallow, 50-100-150ft for the Standard, & 100-200-300ft for the deep. 

By bringing the fish back down to depth, pressure will re-compress the enlarged swim bladder causing the fish to become neutrally buoyant allowing it to swim regularly as well as eliminating all other physical effects seen at the surface.